New Builds

How the new build property market should get creative with interior and exterior space during and post the Covid 19 Pandemic.

A change in working dynamics is here to stay, which will be a major catalyst in the shift of mindset where more people are prepared to commute further and relocate away from major cities to experience a better quality of life.

The new build property market located away from major cities is taking this shift, placing the new demands of the City buyers with a clear focus to create homes that will offer creative spaces for larger gardens/ exterior spaces, home-offices, gyms, breakout areas all influenced by the surrounding of the local area.

It is true that very often by moving out of the city into the country, you will get more space for your money, and it is surely the time to have not only a functional house but a stylish one too.

The key aspect that buyers are looking for is comfort, practicality, and to have a home which will be a sanctuary on every level. The importance of comfort, wellness, and sustainability will continue to be a priority hence why property developers are already using interior designers in order to fulfil the demands and increase the sell through rates.

Top key features that property developer should consider within a new build:

Roof lanterns/skylights

A house filled with natural light is always on a wish list!

As people are spending more time indoors working from home, light and airy space will help boost productivity, creativity, and wellbeing at home. Skylights or Roof lanterns provide welcomed natural light. It is extremely popular for modern kitchens, home offices and open plan living spaces to all benefit from this natural light with a key consideration to brighten up a room quickly.

Herringbone flooring

Create that traditional country feels. Herringbone flooring transforms any space instantly with its distinctive and luxurious appeal.

It is an ideal choice for a long-lasting attractive floor that adds charm to a home.

Green colour

Bring elements of the natural world into a home with dark, earthy greens. As well as reinforcing the connection to nature, it is the perfect scene-stealing hue to really transform spaces. Dark can be used in any room having a powerful and restorative quality.

Bring the landscape of the outdoor surroundings indoors!

Copper and brass faucets, handles

Elevate bathroom or kitchens with on-trend copper/brass fixtures. They are a stylish way to upgrade spaces for less. These materials can add a touch of vintage luxury to home décor without a hefty investment.

Wall panelling

Wood-panelled walls is a chic and modern way to add character, cover uneven walls and insulate a room. There is a wide range of mouldings on the market, from subtle tongue and groove to grand period designs – a panelling style can be sourced to suit any room.

Sustainable Garden room

Homeowners want to work with an outdoor connection. People prefer to set up their home offices at the back of the house with direct access to the yard or patio. But this ideal space is not always accessible or possible. Adding a garden room will offer an add on functional space, implanted in an extremely easy way.

Sustainable garden rooms are a versatile, ready to go space solution using eco-friendly materials and offering a wide range of functionalities such as a garden office, gym or studio, games room, summerhouses/bar, or a simple garden pod to relax and entertain in.

Another huge determining factor of a new development’s design is the surroundings: use the location as the starting point to take inspiration from the landscape, the culture, the architecture, and the history. Using local resources such as clay, chalk, dolomite, brick clay, gypsum, slate or wood are all eco-friendly options.

And Finally, I would reinforce that considering the target market of each development is important in the early stages of the creation of spaces. Always design with a customer profile in mind to design and create environments that people want to be in, creating happiness and security.

Céline x

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