Outdoor trends spring/summer 2021

What are the key trends which you expect to see in outdoor living this spring/summer 2021

Outdoor living trends have been an active growing topic now for the last 2 years. But Since the Covid-19 pandemic we been seeing a real elevation of the importance of having private space just beyond our own doors.

Spring making is entrance, summer not too far ahead and the idea of sunshine is stimulating our minds. Let’s be honest, we cannot wait for the sun to lift our spirits and energise ourselves!

What can be better than to gather with our family and friends as the restrictions are lifted. We need to be prepared to enjoy this precious time in style and so let me give you my predictions on garden trends for 2021.

Interior décor should extend to the outdoors.

Make your outdoor space an extension of your indoor space. Take time to enrich your fifth room! Corner sofas, rugs and cushions are going to dress your patios in the same way they already are dressing your living room.

Rattan & Teak Furnitures

Sustainable and natural material with chic style and unmatched comfort.

From corner sofa, outdoor bench, patio table, swing chairs, you can get them all in various shapes and sizes that will be aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and compact.

Rattan is making a strong come back in our gardens with its durability and elegance. It is low maintenance and is inexpensive when compared to wood.

Teak wood is mainly obtained from ecological plantations, so you know you are getting top-quality. This sustainably sourced product will add elegance. Teak furniture is typically simply designed and combined with natural textiles will deliver a modern and zen feel.

Corner-sofas, egg chairs and sun-loungers are a must; they offer a cosy place to relax & a socialise. Check out www.austenwest.co.uk for their selection of Egg Chairs!

Outdoor kitchen

Do you want to enjoy a lunch under the sun or a dinner under the stars?

Outdoor kitchen is not anymore reserved for large gardens or only for summertime it can be a great way to extend your entertaining space and make the best use of your patio all year round.

This outdoor kitchen can include dining and relaxing zones, perfect for creating a comfortable, functional area where you can cook, dine and drink with family and friends.

A pizza oven will be a strong add on statement providing conviviality, fun and a twist – which will build memories with your loved ones.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen does not have to be large to be stylish. They can be versatile, and the key is to use different materials and shapes tailored to your space and needs.

Why not adding a fridge and bar area alongside the cooking space?

Do not forget that the summer months do not last for ever and a canopy or BBQ shelter will take your outdoor kitchen usage all the way through the year whatever the weather.

Soft furnishing inside out blend

The 2021 trend is to blend your outdoor and the inside of your home. Adding
weather-proof soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and tablecloths will instantly transform your space and make it cosy.

Incorporating pillows will enhance a snug feel. Waterproof rugs will also help to create and define different areas of space/footprint.

Soft furnishings and accessories are keys to brighten up your outdoor space, incorporate pops of colour (Colourful Rug, Bright Accessories, Flowers and Plants, Saturated Textile…) and patterns to achieve it.

To reinforce the inside out blend, opt for colours that are featured in your home and apply them to your outdoor space. Unity in colours will allow the space to flow and the property to open up.

Sources of heat and light

Fire pits and chimineas are perfect solutions to create the best ambient light in your garden, they will also become a features that will contribute in extending the “al fresco “ style into the summer evenings.

Garden heaters are another option If you want to enjoy your garden all year round. They can be stylish but make sure to choose the right patio heater that will allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space.

Lanterns: contemporary or getaway feel will create a beautiful vibe. Style your outdoor space with hand crafted Moroccan-style lamp with detailed artwork.

Traditional lantern lights are perfect for lighting unique areas of your patio. You can also opt for globe-like pendant lights for illuminating your garden & trees.

Garden rooms / garden pods

Homeowners want to work with an outdoor connection. People prefer to set up their home offices at the back of the house with direct access to the yard or patio. But this ideal space is not always accessible or possible.

Adding a garden room will offer an add on functional space, implanted (change to “added”) in an extremely easy and cost-effective way.

Sustainable garden rooms are a versatile ready to go space solution. Often built using eco-friendly materials they offer a wide range of functionalities which can be combined; garden office, gym or studio, games room, summerhouses/bar, or a simple garden pod to relax and entertain in. With the garden room space being independent of the family home, it can adapt as your life adapts with them being quite easy to modify.

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